Emma Watson's new do!

Emma Watson chops off her signature chestnut locks now that she's finally finished filming Harry Potter forever!  According to an interview with EW, Emma has been wanting to cut her hair since she was 16 after having to keep the same hairstyle for nearly 10 years.  The stylist responsible for Emma's new look is Rodney Cutler, a New York stylist.  According to her facebook page, Emma wrote that her new haircut is "the most liberating thing ever" and that "it feels incredible.  I love it".

Props to Emma for having the courage to chop it off!   She really does look amazing, what do you think?

SnuggleMuggle's Spell of the Day:

"Rapunzelton"- Immediately causes the victim's hair to grow long locks of blonde hair and won't stop until its long enough to make a 25 ft rope.
Pretty useful for those spontaneous hair cuts that you might immediately regret, even if it is blonde.  That's what hair dyes are for!  The extra length of hair will indeed make handy ropes.  Prisoners use to repel down jail walls with ropes made out of human hair...haven't you seen Mythbusters?

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Makes me miss the cranberries.

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