A Very Potter Sequel is online!

Early on this year, we posted about a group of college students from University of Michigan who put on a most entertaining parody of Harry Potter's story called "A Very Potter Musical".
Well, due to the stupendous success (Over 2 million hits on youtube) of the show, these students (aka Team Starkid), has put together a sequel to their first musical, appropriately titled "A Very Potter Sequel".  It involves the villianous Lucious Malfoy and his scheme to kill Harry Potter!
Poor Harry, seems like everyone is out to get him..

The sequel is just as funny and witty as the first! A definite must see for all HP fans!


Spell of the Day:

"Langlock" - Glues the victim's tongue to his/her mouth.
Just thought it would be a funny spell to cast on Lucius while he's trying to sing about Harry Potter's demise.  

Answer to Trivia of the Day:
The first place Draco met Harry Potter was at Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions.  



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