Rocket In Your Pocket Contest - Winning Numbers!

Today's Winning Numbers are for one of the last two prizes to be awarded in our Rocket In Your Pocket Contest in celebration of Scott C's exhibit HOME SLICE currently running (see exhibit online here).

Today's prize is Scott C's Ninjas All Over The Place art print.  It is the artist's top selling print at Nucleus and it is certainly hard to tire of looking at this scene of ninjas battling beasts, boxing, reading, dancing, playing and listening to music.  I especially love the two monsters taking a moment from the chaos to sip their tea haha!  Click here to see close-up views of this print or to purchase it for your collection.


Today's Winning Numbers:



This Saturday, March 14, we will be announcing the final winning numbers in the contest.  The final prize is Scott C's highly anticipated and soon-to-be-released Double Fine Action Comics Vol. 1

The book is available for pre-order here and should ship next week.  It features the first 300 of Scott C's comics plus a board game, a pin up, a making of, a commentary, and a foreword by Tim Schafer.


Check back later today for more awesome pictures of Scott C hanging with the Puppets.  You are gonna love these photos I promise!

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Oh nooooooes! ::bangs head on desk:: I was so hoping! I could practically taste victory! Ninjas All Over the Place, why can you not be mine?!?

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